Justine Sparks

Operations Designer


I did a series of intimate, high-ticket events that Justine provided support in creating the structure for.
One event alone brought in over six-figures.

Ron Wilder
CEO, Aligned Action Inc.

Justine is currently working alongside me with a multiple 7 figure client company. She is amazing! Justine has an incredible capability of truly listening to our needs and looking at the current ways the team is performing tasks, and then assimilating that data into easy to read and accessible policies, and fully-functioning Standard Operating Procedures.

Brenda Violette
COO and Fractional Integrator for 7-figure women-led companies

Justine has a gift for multi-dimensional listening. She’s able to take in all the threads that are being spoken, and weave together the necessary elements for each project with incredible clarity and wisdom. When we spoke, she was able to hold both my professional and personal desires in her awareness, and help me craft plans and make decisions that took it all into account. As a result, I was able to see long-“fuzzy” details of my program more clearly, identify the energy leaks that were preventing its creation, and move forward with a clear plan that would work for my business, my team, my family, and myself. I highly recommend getting Justine’s brilliance in your business.

Nisha Moodley
Women’s Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

Her strong understanding and strategic approach to leveraging Facebook Ads and Products to achieve business results has improved Spartan Race’s efficiency by 10x and helped innovate to grow the brand. Justine is a powerhouse and a true asset to any team.

Rachel Elam
Business Lead, Global Business Marketing at Facebook

In Justine, you’ll find a person who you swear must have a twin in order to complete as much as she can; you’ll meet someone who wants to do the best work when others are comfortable with OK; you’ll enjoy a wonderful working relationship with someone who is always there with a smile. That’s to say nothing of her brainpower; together, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition of a new lead by 95% in the first two months on the job.

JD Beebee
Co-Founder & CEO, ThankView


Selected Results:

  • Hired and trained two core, dependable long-term team members for a 7-figure online education business.
  • Designed from-the-ground-up business operations for a strategic consultant for Fortune 100 companies.
  • Doubled sales in 3 months while helping the business owner to actually f*cking relax.
  • Doubled profitability [in three months] of a direct response marketing company.
  • Built an operations manual with less than a day’s input from each team member and no time needed from the business owner or COO.
  • Operationalized a 7-figure business so owner could take maternity leave.
  • Supported a business from start-up to consistent 6-figure months in the invention and innovation industry.

Hi I’m Justine.

Operations is my love language.

If you’re a business owner who cares about a lot more than just the bottom-line, let’s talk.


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