I am a systems navigator for visionaries and change makers who nerds out on all things systems – ecosystems, human design systems, and most importantly, business systems. I love that I get to spend my days crafting systems designs and business strategies for visionary business owners. On the daily I use my superpowers to help passionate creatives and world changers get out of their own way so they have more time and energy to fulfill their mission to positively impact the world, while creating a great life doing it.

I love working with motivated dreamers and doers who are clear about what they want to create and audacious enough to believe they can.

They’ve got passion and vision in spades, so I teach them a strong understanding of systems that will allow them to fulfill their mission and do it while avoiding getting stuck in the technical details or spending hours googling to try and figure out what’s what, what’s next, or how these pieces fit together. I help them learn to listen deeply to themselves, trust what they hear, and follow through on it. And I do it all in plain English, because nobody loves jargon.

They love that I do this work with an eye for simplicity and a whole lot of heart as I partner with them to create a business structure and systems that get the results they’re craving with less effort, greater ease and less time than they thought possible.

Why Justine Sparks?

Not only is one of my key gifts to spark insight, clarity and action from those I come in contact with, my last name Pattantyus (puh-TAN-chus) means “the one who fires the cannon” in Hungarian.

My Story

My journey has been non-linear and a beautifully woven tapestry of my gifts and experiences.

After years of living by the status quo and thinking there was a “right” way of living life, I broke out of the trap of doing vs. being and learned how to trust my inner voice. I believe that we all have a divine blueprint of becoming within and that we learn to navigate life with our inner compass – we only have to learn how to use it.

My very first client had this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry pinned on the wall of her design studio which said, that something is completed “not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This is one of the biggest lessons I learned from her that has influenced my systems work. Knowing what you can remove while leaving the essence of something is the same type of approach I use for systems design.

I come from an engineering family that’s brings a logical and methodical approach to work, I have a heart of an artist and love being part of and witnessing the creative process and I am incredibly interested in spirituality and having a deeper experience of the world we live in beyond the obvious pieces that can be witnessed with our eyes and touched with our hands. These three strong influences in my life creates a very particular lens that is rooted in the truth of the soul, aligns with our natural expression and honors all life and systems that sustain us.

What makes me legit:

(aka: the professional bio)

Justine has a background in business management, corporate social responsibility and marketing. She brings high level strategic and systems thinking to the work she does with business owners. She received her BS in Business Management from an all women’s college, Simmons, in Boston, with a concentration in Leadership.

With a deep love for the environment and the systems that allow us to thrive as humans in a natural world, she got her start in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. She worked for the business team and then the policy team at major non-profit, Ceres, whose mission is to “mobilize investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy.” She helped to build and manage their BICEP program (Businesses for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy), working with Corporate Social Responsibility teams at companies such as Nike, Starbucks, eBay, Ben & Jerry’s and Jones Lang LaSalle.

To deepen her understanding of natural systems, she received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010 after being first introduced to the concept of permaculture while on a semester abroad in Australia in early 2007.

She worked at HubSpot as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, learning the ins and outs of inbound marketing before striking out on her own to start a marketing business in January 2012.

Shortly after starting her business, she was introduced to Joe De Sena and the team at Spartan Race. She worked with them for 3 years helping to manage and run their social media advertising department, saving the business $11 million while increasing return on ad spend.

Over the past 15 years in her career, she has worked with dozens of creative entrepreneurs from jewelry designers, graphic designers and copywriters to ranch consultants, executive coaches, therapists and lean operations professionals. She’s helped brand new, heart-centered business owners get their dreams off the ground, worked with creative minded, intuitive entrepreneurs and business owners all along the trajectory of their journey.

Skilled at holding the ultimate vision and ensuring that any projects or initiatives align with that vision. Without holding that, it’s easy to add complexity rather than try to simplify things.

Ability to understand the big picture vision and how that maps to the smallest details and actions. Comfortable with iteration, strong in being nimble at decision points to flex projects and meeting changing realities.

Hello from Vermont!

I live in a tiny home in a tiny rural town and live next to 200 acres of conservation land and wrangle tech and team for my clients with my raised garden beds and view of the Milky Way.

My heart is so happy to have a home after traveling around the world for 3 and a half years.

I’m a New England gal at heart. My family is from Missouri and Hungary, although I’ve lived in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts since I was 3. I grew up exploring and playing in the New England forests, love seeing the seasons change, and am consistently awed by my experience of the world.

I geek out about personality and work assessments (my favorites are Stand Out, Strengths Finder, Kolbe and Fascinate). I like Star Trek and Star Wars (although I was a Trekkie first).

Things that are important to me are: Environmental stewardship. Being generous. Giving back. People bringing their dreams to life.

Outside of work, I loves to spend my time observing the mystery and wonder in the ordinary, stoke the fires of voracious reading and cook delicious, healthy meals. I love to pay attention to the sumptuous details, lean into curiosity and explore, be present in nature, cultivate my breath work practice, build connections and weave people together, drink rooibos tea, and drink in the journey.


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