You know in life when you have those moments and you meet someone and your whole body says, “yes?” I had the pleasure of connecting with an amazing west coaster who’s writing her first book (check Jennah out on Instagram).

Our conversation quickly turned to what’s setting us on fire. I recently decided to have my own personal coming out about how much spirituality and my intuitive gifts are a foundation for all the work that I do in catalyzing growth for my clients in their business and life.

After butting heads with ego resistance for several weeks and the path forward felt unclear, I found something incredible. As the Universe usually delivers key information with grace, as the awareness of my ego resistance became clear, so did the fact that I wasn’t honoring part of myself. A big part of myself. Whoops.

I don’t know about you all, but I often find that as soon as I become aware of a challenge in the way I think about the world (or my own self concept), I can shift it. If I can see it, I can change it.

It was time to again claim myself on a deeper level and say, “this is who I AM.”

Let’s talk about “I am” for a moment. These two words are super powerful. When you use them, you are claiming right here, right now, who you are. Be aware of how you use these two words and what comes after them when you’re speaking about yourself.

In learning and connecting with this part of myself, in owning who I am with open arms, it feels like I’ve unlocked power within myself. Power that I felt was there, but didn’t know how to access it.

The truth is, we can always go deeper with ourselves. There’s always new stuff to learn, new gifts to uncover, new awarenesses to step into. And with these changes, we grow. Life moves in its mysterious ways to deliver us exactly to the place we needed to be to step forth into each new level of be-ing-ness.

So why does this all matter? As I tapped into this next wave of self awareness, my path forward became clear again.

Inner harmony begets outer clarity.

If you’re having a foggy moment (day, year, decade), whatever it is, I know you have the power within yourself to find your way again.

Here’s a few questions that I’ve asked myself over the years to help me think about my own challenges in new light:

  • What is it that I’m resisting with regard to [insert situation here]?
  • Then feel where the resistance is in your body. Ask what it’s related to. If you get an answer that feels/sounds like BS to yourself, keep asking.
  • What part of myself am I not fully accepting and honoring?
  • What’s the next sticking point that I need to get unstuck?
  • Tackle one point at a time. It will keep you focused and moving forward with less energy splatter. Ex. Think about shoveling snow (there’s been a lot of that this season in New England!). If you need to clear a path and you’re shoveling in 10 different places, it’s going to take you a heck of a lot longer to get that path cleared. Same principle.

Get ready to own saying, “I am unapologetically me.”

I’m going to talk about the choice of the word “unapologetically” for a moment. I’ve met so many people (including myself) where there are beliefs like: I’m too much for people to handle, too loud, too talkative, too ____________.

There’s this underlying feeling of guilt or the sense that an apology is needed for the way we are. The truth couldn’t be more different.

No apologies needed for your authentic human expression.

Being YOU is freeing. It will free up all the energy that you’re using to be someone other than yourself.

Plus, we all like you better when you’re yourself.

So be you. Enjoy who you are.

Today, say, “I am unapologetically me.”

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