How I Get Things Done: Systems for Time Management

How I Get Things Done: Systems for Time Management

I get this question a lot - “Justine, how is it that you do what you do - how are you so… productive?” Honestly, I’m slightly obsessed with finding better, simpler, easier ways of doing stuff. I want to play outside and spend time with the people who I love while...

Reflections on an Evening with don Miguel Ruiz

Reflections on an Evening with don Miguel Ruiz

At the end of October, don Miguel Ruiz, author of the well known Four Agreements released his newest book - The Toltec Art of Life and Death. I had no idea he published a new book, but a friend heard me talk about my love of The Four Agreements and it happened that he...

What 30 Days Off of Facebook Taught Me

What 30 Days Off of Facebook Taught Me

Again, I found myself scrolling the Facebook newsfeed. I did have someone I wanted to reach out to, but somewhere between typing and searching for this person's profile, I got lost in the newsfeed. Ten minutes down the drain. Ugh. It felt like that...

The Fear of Back Sliding

This is a common fear around change that I've countered personally and am asked about often. Let's work with a common scenario of diet change - not going on a diet, but finding out you have a food allergy or intolerance and know you need to make a permanent shift....

Keep your eyes on your own damn paper

Let’s take a minute to travel back to elementary school. Think about those neat, tidy rows, desks with the metal legs, smell of crayons, chalk dust and pencil shavings. Maybe you had an American Flag hanging in a corner in the front of the room. Maybe there were...

Energy Clearing + Energy Dementors

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend and she was telling me about how things in her life have been overwhelming. It’s to the point where a minor thing changes in her day and throws everything off - her mood, her schedule. She’s recently returned to school and...

Why hiring experts will save you time and money (and peace of mind!)

This week is a big one for me. After living in New England for 25 years of my life, I’m picking up and moving to Boulder, CO. The draw of the open skies and playing outside everyday (did I mention there’s an extra 50-60 days of sunshine a year?!) led me to make my...

The Reality of Self Sabotage (and How to Move Past It)

Self sabotage. Who’s done it in the past? Ok, everybody raise your hand. I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t self sabotaged at least a couple times to date. (If you’re the unicorn reading this who hasn’t, please send me an email so we can talk about your secret to...

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