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Human Design Readings to Inform the Way you Work


As a visionary and human leading purpose driven work, your energy is the most precious resource you have. Your vision for the world is foundational and since you can’t clone yourself, it’s crucial to learn what’s key for you to do and what is not.

Nearly ten years ago, I discovered a new tool to understand myself and the way I naturally operate. It’s been instrumental in my growth and understanding of myself and my work.

It’s called Human Design. Channeled by a teacher named Ra, it’s a modern day astrological-type tool that blends your energy, the planets and the i-Ching into a powerful and subtle way of understanding who you are.

Human Design will show you how to use your energy best and in simple, practical ways. It’s a tool to see yourself and your brilliance clearly. Access the power of self awareness to stay on track in the way you deliver your gifts and talents through your work.

It’s a tool that makes some of the hard things in life and business easy, like:

  • Where do I put my energy?
  • How do I know if I’m making the right decision for me?
  • What is the natural way for me to work that doesn’t feel like pushing or forcing?

The energy of your work is reflected in who you are. We can see this energy and use it to tap into a deeper self awareness and level of understanding of what your gifts are and how you work. You can use this tool to access and work with your energy to stay aligned and on track.


With a Human Design reading, you can:

  • Understand and clarify the way you make decisions.
  • Use your energy wisely and learn strategies to stay in flow.
  • Feel clear about the way you’re working and showing up to your work.
  • Discover hidden treasures of your brilliance that are yet to be woven into your work.
  • Show up fully in the confidence that your gifts are your own.
  • Uncover the deeper purpose of your work.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Uncover the conscious and unconscious ways you naturally work and communicate.
  • Recognize the patterns and themes inherent to you as a human.

Business Energy Fundamentals

40-minute session

  • Learn how you process energy
  • Clarify your decision making style
  • Apply these to the way you work for greater ease and flow

Along with your reading, you’ll get a recording of your session and notes to refer back to from our session. *A payment link will be sent after you book your session.


Business Energy Deep Dive

75-minute session

  • Learn how you process energy
  • Clarify your decision making style
  • Understand the way you work for greater ease and flow
  • Uncover deep themes present in who you are

Along with your reading, you’ll get a recording of your session and notes to refer back to from our session. *A payment link will be sent after you book your session.


When you know your personal design of how you function in the world, life becomes a lot more seamless and effortless.

You stop questioning why you might think of something differently, or even compare yourself to someone else and become confused or overwhelmed, or even envious of their lifestyle.

With Justine exposing me to my unique human design, she brought me clarity and acceptance and celebration of who I am in my unique personality and style.

This is super crucial and endlessly valuable. Especially for those on the path of least resistance and professional growth, this information will guide you in all areas of your life and business.

Agnes Zausz

Transformational Coach, Bliss-Full Life

I was lucky enough to meet Justine in February 2017 when we became sisters through the Freedom Mastermind, and instantly, I could tell she was an amazing human being.

When she talked about human design readings, I knew I had to have her to do my chart, and seriously, wow, it was so powerful!

Justine went into so much detail about my chart, explained everything so patiently so I could understand, and then sent me an email after the session with pages of notes for me to do further investigation.

It was crazily accurate in so many ways, identifying my strong need for alone time to recharge and let my creativity run free, but that I am also highly social, and need to have a strong network around me and to feel stable. All incredibly true!

We followed up a few months later with a human design chart on my business. I cannot even begin to explain the light bulb moments and accuracy of that reading! It was so extremely powerful to understand my business and it’s purpose, just from the date I launch my business!

Justine is a true gem! She is so heart centred and kind, generous and giving! Cannot recommend her, and her human design readings high enough! Do yourself a favour and engage with Justine today!

Michelle Powell

Eating Psychology Coach


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