How good are the systems in your business? Are you ready to make them better?

Join an interactive workshop with Justine Sparks on Thursday, May 17 at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT/8am AEST (Friday, May 18).

You probably already know systems are important…

… but it’s often tricky to know exactly where to start. The vast majority of businesses start with systems that are all over the place and don’t necessarily work all that well for the business owner, and it’s often difficult to identify what’s going to create the most leverage, what actions are best to take for your current stage of development, and where the most effective gains to be made are.

That’s where Justine can help.

Over the years consulting and running operations for a number of fast-scaling companies including Spartan Race (which has a very complicated business bringing in millions of dollars), Justine began to discern common patterns and identify the right order for systematizing a growing company.

Eventually, she formulated a comprehensive framework to assess the current quality of one’s systems in business and the key steps that go alongside it —

Having a known framework that hews to best practices and helps you identify the quality of systems and the next major priority — this is, obviously, very valuable.

This event will be most beneficial to owners of growing service (or productized service) businesses — consultants, writers, healers, coaches, therapists, web designers and developers and marketing agencies, to name a few.

During this free workshop, you’re going to learn a quick diagnostic framework to assess exactly the stage of development for a variety of your business systems, you’ll make some quick low-hanging improvements in real time, and make an action plan to ensure ongoing improvements.

Using the quick diagnostic framework, you’ll identify the current level of development of your systems in four key areas: 1) personal organization and planning, 2) financial management, 3) sales, and 4) marketing.

After getting some insight on where your systems stack up right now in relation to the best practices being run by top organizations, you’ll take one of those four categories and level-up right away in real time, identifying low-hanging fruit and making small improvements, and end by making yourself an action plan.

Every business owner needs to have good systems for their personal productivity, financial management, and their growth via sales and marketing — at the end of it, you’ll understand more of where you’re at in each of those areas and you’ll have made some practical improvements in one of them.

You in?