This week is a big one for me. After living in New England for 25 years of my life, I’m picking up and moving to Boulder, CO. The draw of the open skies and playing outside everyday (did I mention there’s an extra 50-60 days of sunshine a year?!) led me to make my decision. I also thought about being 10 years older and still living in the same place – and my reaction was, “it’s time to try something new!”

If you want a new result in your life, you have to make a change to the way things are happening.

Being in a new environment is a great way to do this, so I am excited about what this new shift will bring about in my life.

Now, I’m really not here to ramble about my life, but to give you context for why this week’s post is about hiring experts.

If you’ve moved at all (ever) in your life – whether it be across town or country – you know that it takes a lot of energy. There are SO many details to take care of, boxing up belongings, keeping regular day-to-day life up and running, finding a new place to live all the while, saying goodbyes to people and places that you love.

I’m pairing this trip with a cross country adventure to visit family, so the big question became, how am I going to move my belongings 2,000 miles?

Onto the internet I went. It was a Googling frenzy.

  • Do I pack a truck and take it myself?
  • What am I going to do when I get to Boulder (I don’t have a place to live yet)?
  • What’s the timing like?
  • Could I tow a trailer with my car?
  • Do I ship a U-Box?

In the midst of all this craziness, my Dad asked me if I looked at hiring movers (Imagine hearing a record screeching to a stop.) What? Hire movers?

I had never considered it.

As a person who likes to consider all their options, I reached out to the local moving company (thank you McLaughlin Mayflower) that moved our family from Maine to New Hampshire in 1992. A lovely woman met me at my storage unit a few days later to do an inventory of my belongings (yes, they ALL fit into an 8’x5’ storage unit – I like to travel light).

When I got the quote back, I was shocked.

It was so much less expensive than the other options that were available to me. To the tune of almost $1,000.

So, you’re telling me that you’ll unpack ALL the stuff from my storage unit, pack it into the truck, ALL gas costs are included, and you’ll even unpack everything into my apartment when the truck arrives? And you’ll save me $1,000 doing it? WOW.

(mind blown)

Well, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

If you need something done, go to the experts.

They know how to do what you want done. They can do it faster, better AND you’ll save yourself a whole bunch of hassle in the process. Imagine, you don’t have to struggle.

Earlier this week self mastery expert, Jesse Elder, sent out an email saying:

“The Power to Choose is yours right now.

Let go of the struggle. 

Let go of the strain.

There is no need to suffer.”

Amen, Jesse.

And you CAN choose. You can choose right now. You can choose again. And again. And again.

I cannot say how much peace of mind that I have as a result of hiring experts. While traveling west and seeing family and friends over the next couple weeks, I rest easy knowing that my belongings are handled. I’m not driving a 26’ truck for 2,000 miles, I’m not worrying about where to park it or concerned if it’s properly packed. Talk about the energy I get back by knowing it’s all taken care of.

This week’s learning nugget: Ask yourself, where in my life will I get a bunch of energy back by handing off a project to experts?

Whether it’s having your living room repainted or reaching out to a branding expert to help with your newest business idea, know that you can be in good hands and get more done (and probably done better than you would do).

Do yourself a favor and pick one thing. Just one.

If you’re so inspired, share what you’ll hand off to an expert and do one thing today to get the ball rolling

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