I did a series of small events that were new to me in terms of the delivery and Justine provided support in creating the structure for those and one event alone brought in over six-figures. You have a lot of operational and systems skills which are pretty cool in that you’re able to clarify what exactly is the business lifestyle desired and what needs to be in place to support that.”

Ron Wilder

CEO, Aligned Action Inc.

Justine is a total ace and a genius about business operations. In January 2018, we built some custom tech together and held an event to help business owners improve their systems — it was really rad and got great reviews. In particular, Justine has a rare and special ability to granularly dial-in on where a business is at, and the precise next steps needed to improve to the next level. Highly recommended.

Sebastian Marshall

Cofounder and Head of R&D, Ultraworking

“My focus and productivity in regards to building my dreams skyrocketed because of my work with Justine.

My favorite part of working with her was having a non-judgmental and truly supportive person to help me realistically map out my goals within a timeframe that was sensible and inspiring. I never had a person guide me through the process of taking a vision from the inner world into the physical world or attend to my vision in a way that was so thorough.

Before, I had no way of tracking myself and my progress. I had a belief that I wasn’t making fast enough progress. Instead, I learned that taking realistic and attainable steps actually increases momentum instead of feeling like I wasn’t moving fast enough or I didn’t have enough time.

There were a lot of fears coming into this work. Can I do this? Can I really sustain myself through doing what I want? I wondered, “is this really going to get me to where I want to go?” I found out that when Justine works with people it does. It’s clear that’s her commitment to them.

When we are trying to manifest something into our lives that we really want it’s super vulnerable and scary. Justine was perfect because she listened to me, believed in me, and was able to give me concrete steps and be clear about how attainable and possible my vision was. She’s proactive and takes on a leadership role, so I could feel like I wasn’t in this alone.

Now, I’m sitting here and I couldn’t have dreamt up a more beautiful and perfect office. I have a practice full of amazing clients. I don’t have to work for someone else anymore. My work is in alignment with what I want to be doing in the world thanks to the work I did with Justine. “

Jessica Prodis

Trauma Therapist and Non-Profit Founder

“Justine has a gift for multi-dimensional listening. She’s able to take in all the threads that are being spoken, and weave together the necessary elements for each project with incredible clarity and wisdom. When we spoke, she was able to hold both my professional and personal desires in her awareness, and help me craft plans and make decisions that took it all into account. As a result, I was able to see long-“fuzzy” details of my program more clearly, identify the energy leaks that were preventing its creation, and move forward with a clear plan that would work for my business, my team, my family, and myself. I highly recommend getting Justine’s brilliance in your business.

Nisha Moodley

Women’s Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

By choosing to hire Justine, you have just placed your business in extremely capable hands. Justine understands business from the inside out. She brings her sharp mind, positive outlook, creative approach, excellent research skills, and tech savvy to every project she undertakes. In the first year of setting up my ecommerce site she delivered five figure sales through successful 24-hour long promotions regularly injecting cash into the business.

She is intuitive in the way she helps grow a business. She is able to see what needs to be done, creates a plan of action to reach the target audience, and treats the business with same passion and commitment as if it were her own. Her entrepreneurship, loyalty, intelligence, and dedication to excellence are what make Justine an outstanding businesswoman.  You’ve made a wise choice by hiring her!”

Victoria Tane

Owner, Victoria Tane Studios

I had an amazing call with Justine, incidentally when I was facing quite a few roadblocks in moving forward with certain aspects of my business, much of it around money and re-investing in myself/business. Justine helped me clarify what I was looking at, and I saw the limitations I put in my own way. She helped me cut through it all and see the most important aspects of what I needed to focus on as next steps. I took that awareness with me to resolve those issues as well as move forward with the simplified focal points of what actions needed to be taken now. It was a huge “aha” session with a lot of support. So grateful to have had this experience- Thank you Justine!!

Shama Dhanani

Before working with Justine, I wanted to develop my business in a way that I wouldn’t have to travel and be away from home so much. She helped me leverage my talents, time and energy into a new revenue stream that will both keep me close to home and has the potential to add six-figures to my revenue in a fairly easy manner.  The wheels are in motion. With what Justine and I accomplished, things are heading in the right direction and I feel really good about that. Working with Justine was definitely a good investment and I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.

Allan Crockett

Ranch Consultant

AJ Silvers

Founder: 15º North

“As a business owner and someone who’s had more than a little experience in the Corporate, SME and then startup world I know the importance of differentiating between working on the business and working in the business.

What’s easy to forget is that being the driver of the business also means taking the time to make sure you’re in the best mental, physical and psychological state to lead your team and guide the business forward.

Working with Justine has helped me to do just that. From increasing clarity on both my professional and personal identities and roles, to setting better boundaries and focusing exclusively on the core business elements that warrant my attention.

And as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience it’s the results that speak for themselves: more than doubling profitability in the first three months, bringing on new team members (and letting go of the wrong people in the wrong seats on the bus) and having a crystal clear vision of the next phase of our business growth.

I believe it’s Justine’s relatively rare combination of big-corp experience, in addition to her own successful bootstrapped business, that enables her to offer such insightful support and assistance.”

“In a one hour session with Justine, I got clear on what the exact systems were needed for my business so I could go build and implement them. I felt aligned and confident to do it on my own! Justine is such a sweetheart on all levels, and her loving presence allows you to honor your soul and your creative desire for freedom, with the support of foundational systems. The best part is she adores visionaries, creatives, and wild ones, and is truly here to ground us in what best serves the ecosystem of our life and business!”

Corinne Dove

www.corinnedove.com, Retreat Designer and Brand Curator

Julia Anne Young

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

My life has dramatically improved since working with Justine.

When I first reached out to Justine for coaching, I was stretched thin and really struggling with balance. I was working overtime, not getting enough sleep, and not working on my main career goals. [around my career in illustration.]

Justine showed me new ways to consider my priorities and options, and she helped me to be more realistic in my decisions about my time and schedule. I’ve also learned how to advocate for myself and better manage my work for clients. With Justine’s support, I developed new skills for navigating client conversations and running my business.

Making good decisions about my time has been huge for me! I focus more on balance than I did before, and I’ve been able to avoid working around the clock and overnight. Justine gave me the tools to avoid that pattern going forward. She taught me how to create a better schedule between freelance work and my own artwork. I now have a wealth of skills and resources that I can use.

One of the greatest blessings from my work with Justine has been a renewed focus on my own artistic growth and development. At the start of our work together, I felt frustrated and guilty about how little time I spent on my own art. By contrast, it is now a top priority for me. I love making art again. It feels like play to me for the first time in years! I really believe I have Justine to thank for that.

Since working with Justine, I’ve become happier, healthier, and more confident. People notice there has been a night and day difference for me. This honestly has changed my life.”

First of all, Justine is an amazing and remarkable person, through and through. Her endless and unending radiation of positivity grasps you once you converse with her. Beyond the fact that she’s incredibly intelligent, both emotionally and critically, she comprehends and believes that problems are not problems; they are simply challenges that can always be surmounted. Her innate ability to connect with people, on any level, demonstrates her deep respect of others souls, and her constant pursuit of the others’ goals and desires is remarkable. Spend more than 2 minutes with her, and you’ll not only be smiling, but you’ll be a better person for doing so. You will be privileged to not only work with her, but to also simply know her.

Brian-Logan (BL) Reid

Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy Consultant

Justine is a talented and strategic marketing leader. With her strong vision, dynamic energy, and cutting-edge ideas, Justine shines and drives tangible impact. Her strong understanding and strategic approach to leveraging Facebook Ads and Products to achieve business results has improved Spartan’s efficiency by 10x and helped innovate to grow the brand. Not only does she bring a clear, organized, thorough approach to developing and articulating strategies, Justine also communicates them effectively in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and energized. Justine is a powerhouse and a true asset to any team.

Rachel Elam

Business Lead, Global Business Marketing at Facebook

Justine is the perfect blend of analytical intelligence and emotional intelligence. When we began working together managing the Spartan Race paid media, it could have very easily have been a nightmare. But it wasn’t, expressly because Justine brought a positivity that won over even the darkest moments. That’s to say nothing of her brain power; together, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition of a new racer by 95% in the first two months on the job.

In Justine, you’ll find a person who you swear must have a twin in order to complete as much as she can; you’ll meet someone who wants to do the best work when others are comfortable with OK; you’ll enjoy a wonderful working relationship with someone who is always there with a smile.

JD Beebe

Co-Founder & CEO at ThankView