As a self proclaimed lover of spirituality, I have a feeling that I personally associate with the word, but it seems to be attached to everything these days.

It’s gotten to the point where I still consider myself to be a spiritual person, but (big but), it feels like it’s losing its meaning.

When you use the same word to describe too many things, you lose the potency of it.

Rad. Epic. Ahhhhh-mazing.

I’ve wondered, what does spirituality f*cking mean anyway?

I came across an article in Entrepreneur called “The Spiritual, Successful Business.” There’s a story about a group of monks that were brought in to bless the employees and customers of a bridal shop. Afterwards, “relations between clients and staff were wonderful and open. Problems are [now] resolved with more ease and grace.”

Is this the power of spirituality in business? Or is this the power of being present and loving in how you conduct your life?

After exploring articles in Psychology Today, Mayo Clinic, and digging into the definition in Merriam-Webster (which is ‘of or relating to a person’s spirit; of or relating to religion or religious beliefs; having similar values and ideas’) it’s clear there’s no one definition of spirituality.

‘Spirituality’ is a hot word a lot of people are throwing around right now. Spirituality is ‘in’.

What is Buddhism versus yoga versus shamanism versus animal totems versus religion versus versus versus. Is this all spirituality? Is none of it spirituality if you’re not approaching it in a spiritual fashion? And what the heck does that mean anyway?

What about tattoos versus fixing motorcycle engines versus performing surgery versus hunting versus day trading? Is this spiritual? If not, why isn’t it?

How about we say, ‘I choose to fully show up in my life every day”? I choose to be present.

If you didn’t call your morning practice your ’spiritual practice’ would it still bring you to a place of inner peace, calmness and connection with the more that exists around us at all times? What distinction do you get by adding the word ‘spiritual’ in?

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? (Thanks, Shakespeare, you said it best.)

So what is spirituality anyway? Is it the art of be-ing in the world?

Let me ask: Are you being true to you?

We’re all blueprinted to become the person that we’re meant to be. You don’t get out of that. It’s like planing an oak seed. You’re going to get an oak tree.

Granted, you have to be in the right environment to thrive (you’re not going to grow an oak tree at the bottom of the ocean), but the thing is, if you’re fully present and showing up in your life, you’ll know if you’re not in the right place. And you’ll know when you are.

So what is spirituality anyway? Is it the art of paying attention?

Past life regressions, hypnosis, healing your childhood wounds, floating in sensory deprivation tanks. Some people quit jobs to hike the Appalachian trail. Others have a favorite lounge chair and watch the clouds roll by. Are any of these activities more or less spiritual than others?

I take time to smell the roses, literally. If you’ve ever been out and about with me, you may notice that if I see a flower, I’m going to take the time to smell it. There are too many delicious scents to pass up on the chance to experience whatever is in front of me in the moment.

We smell flowers, om our way to presence, grab green smoothies, practice The Artist’s Way and little by little, we find out more about the way we uniquely interact with the world.

So what is spirituality anyway? Is it the art of knowing yourself?

Sam Harris eloquently states in “An Atheist’s Guide to Spirituality” that the “deepest goal of spirituality is freedom from the illusion of the self”.

I see it as a quest to find personal truth.

You’re here right now, show the f*ck up.

You have the gift of life. Use it or lose it.

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