Are you ready to know what you actually need to do to grow your business rather than getting sucked into business  overwhelm?

One of the biggest challenges I see business owners run into is the “Shiny Object Overwhelm” problem.

The “shiny object overwhelm” problem is this: most people don’t know (a) what they really need to work on next to grow their business and (b) tend towards doing a lot of projects all at once and not really getting anywhere with any of them.

And the Shiny Object Overwhelm Problem stops many entrepreneurs dead in their tracks because it’s really hard to have the impact you envision if you don’t know the first, second, or third steps should be AND all sorts of people and opportunities are pulling your energy and focus in multiple directions.

Clarity can be hard to reach when everything seems urgent and important, which is why I created the Systems Roadmap Assessment.

With nearly 15 years of experience building systems for business and operating them, I’ve identified the 9 systems that you need in place for your business to run well. Using this tool, you’ll be able to assess how developed each of these systems are and next steps to continue improving the way your business runs.

When you go through the Systems Roadmap, you will be able to see where you are in your business’ development and what you really need to focus your energy on in this moment. It will allow you to have the impact you desire while running your business in a way that feels good and doesn’t burn you out.  

Not only will you see where you’re at with each of the 9 systems, but you’ll be able to set a development goal for each system and then decide which you need to work on next to uplevel the way your business functions. It’s my goal to help you focus your energy, move the needle in your business while not getting sucked into unnecessary purchases, shiny objects, or other things that look like opportunities by giving you the tools and insight to see what actually deserves your attention and focus right now.

Assess where you are + get action steps to develop the 9 key systems your business needs for growth

You’ll receive a PDF and book of targeted recommendations for each system, a short video walking you through how to use the Systems Roadmap, and an invite to our next live virtual workshop. In the hour-long workshop, we’ll do the Roadmapping live and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions and get targeted systems input and guidance. 

$20 USD