Systems with Soul is an interactive course and an intentional learning community designed to give you the tools you need to design systems and implement structures that work for YOU.

We’re going to take a fresh approach to teaching and learning and I think you’ll both really enjoy and get a lot out of.

Each module has shorter videos and lots of worksheets and tools so you can pick and choose what’s relevant to you and be most effective with your time and energy. You’ll also receive accountability support and have dedicated time to work hands-on and get stuff done in a productive virtual working environment.

Over the course of the program, you’re going to learn . . .

  • How to run your systems the way YOU want, so you’re at the helm of the ship and not trying to cram yourself into someone else’s business model.
  • How to build systems that feel like they’re alive, full of heart and soul, and like they’re the support you can count on (like a trustworthy and competent friend who has your back).
  • How to dial yourself into your best decision-making process so you can make decisions more quickly and confidently knowing that they’re aligned with your core mission, what you actually enjoy doing and what’s fun for you.
  • A guided process to get yourself organized, so opening up your computer doesn’t trigger the “maybe I should watch netflix instead” response.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to hire awesome support team members so that you can focus on only the work that’s in your zone of genius.
  • Detailed instructions on how to make a useful budget so you can get a handle on your business finances without it sucking up all your time.
  • How to make the leap to separate business and personal bank accounts and create a clean process to run your business finances.
  • How to set up a supportive planning & scheduling structure that you can actually be excited about so you can both do more and not spread yourself so thin.
  • How to create systems that feel fun, enjoyable, aligned, exciting, and easy to maintain (and if that feels like a stretch, think systems that don’t make you want to run for the hills).
  • A process to build in new systems for your business (like additional revenue streams) so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or like you’re juggling too many balls.
  • How to simplify what you’re doing in all areas of your business to make it manageable while understanding what’s working well and what needs work.

Systems with Soul is in session and currently is not accepting new members. We will be opening the course up to new students in Spring 2018. To be notified about course updates, add your name to the waitlist.

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