You’re a business owner.


You’re already turning over meaningful revenue.


You still haven’t been able to figure out where other entrepreneurs find all that time to vacation and eat lunch away from their laptop and, let’s be honest, shower (sometimes).

I see you.


AND – I’ve got an important question to ask:

What’s the difference between a stagnant business with plateaued profits and groundhog day-esque growth, and a thriving, vital biz that’s constantly expanding and works in that well-oiled machine way while still keeping it oh-so-human and real?

If you guessed increased revenue…you’d be wrong.

If you guessed a jam-packed funnel and a hefty (and growing) wait list…you’d be wrong.

If you guessed applying other business owners’ boxed solutions to your very individual and very unique business as ‘fast fixes’ to a deeper problem…you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed every waking hour spent in front of your laptop, navigating one-handed meal inhalation while answering those couple extra emails with laser-sharp chicken-peck-typing skills and leaving your vision of hitting the gym/the beach/any downtime on the back burner until ‘there’s time’…you’d still be wrong.

Because there’s no thrive-al in survival mode.

I get you. You’re committed to your work.

Why else would you run into challenges like working too much just to keep the wheels on and desiring more flexibility and freedom, but everything still feels like pushing?


When you’re tapped in every way, shape, and form, and burnout becomes all too real…there’s no energy left for anything, or anyone, to grow; your business, relationships, contribution to others, or yourself.

The fact is: you can create a future in your business where you AND your work are thriving and vital.

Where you release stress, confusion and frustration and find a place where you actually feel like you’re on top of your work and in alignment with your priorities. 

Where you slow down and enjoy the ride of your business, and where you expand what you’re able to achieve—make more money, expand your impact, increase your creativity in business, kicking that annoying overwhelm gremlin out—without ‘doing’ more.

And heck…where you take a lunch break, a real weekend, or even an unplugged and totally offline vacation (gasp!).

Want to check out everything that Systems with Soul has to offer?

If you’re ready to stop sprinting on the never-stopping treadmill and feel the ease that comes from sitting confidently in the captain’s seat of your naturally growing, scaling and thriving business, it’s time to tune into these 4 realities.

  1. Your business can (and should) still feel like yours while you’re growing and scaling.

There’s no single expert in the world who can tell you how to do the thing you know more intimately than anyone else: run a business that’s in alignment with your values, goals and priorities.

And there’s no ‘out of the box’ solution in all of the internet that can fully fit your unique and individual needs; from where your business is at to your personal preferences in how and where you work… and beyond. 

You can do it your way. And your way is the way that’s going to make it that sweet and natural extension of how you work best.


  1. Making major change for the better in your business can feel good.

Even better than good…it can feel great. Like your very favourite sweater/pair of sweats/yoga pants/[insert clothing item that feels like second skin every time to sneak into it].

Comfortable, familiar.

Over trying to jam yourself into the ‘latest trends’ or imagine yourself in what you see hitting haute couture runways? Same thing goes with processes and systems aimed at growing your business that are disconnected from how your work works and what makes it unique; what makes it you.

A personal, customized and oh-so-you approach to creating the ease and flow you seek is possible.


  1. Structure helps creativity expand.

Contrary to popular (and majorly creative-minded) belief, creativity soars where there are structures in place to hold you—and your business—up.

And I hear you: the minute ‘structure’ comes up for so many people, so does the picture of old school teachers laying down rules and laws for rules and law’s sake.

But when smart, conscious and integrated striations exist within a business, they are some of the most generative aspects of how a system works; they inform how things work, free up brain space from trying to think through things over and over, and free up time by making the steps happen without you doing them.

Hands-free freedom and ease? Yes, please.


  1. There IS a solution and YOU get to call the shots.

I hear you. You’ve tried so many things, so many times. And nothing has worked…or if it has it’s been a flash in the pan solution that’s helped in the moment until things change, things grow, and you’re back at square one with those wheels a spinnin’.

But when the solution comes straight from you and your intimate knowledge of the entire landscape of your business, aided by supportive insight on where to look for the starting point and the expertise for how to make it soar…all you have left to do is close the laptop, step away, and watch the change happen.

The enrollments for your online course start happening while you’re in the tub. The purchases of your packages land in your bank account while you’re out hiking on the weekend. Parts of your business manage themselves while you’re OUT for lunch…on a Tuesday.


And here’s how:

By looking past the surface, and digging down to the roots.

Because the real cause of what’s making your business burnout-inspiring over creative-expression central is the tendency to solve problems without knowing the real cause, as opposed to the way the issue manifests.

Root causes are solved by putting systems in place or by shifting existing systems that are causing the problem.

And, by looking at your business as a system of systems where the pieces and elements work together, as opposed to as separate elements performing exclusive jobs.

Where everything is interconnected.

I think we all just have a limited perspective on what the actual problem is. You get a broad framework where you know everything that’s going on, but in reality, you’re too in the weeds of your business. In this work, I figured out that other business owners have the same problems that I do. Thank goodness it’s not just me.

– Amy Young

Ease, flow, alignment and expansion become your reality when you see, treat, and grow your business like an ecosystem.

  • Where the series of systems within your business are all designed to support one another…and your natural way of working.
  • Where they’re built in a customized way to serve your unique and individual needs and goals.
  • Where they work together to help you do less, while growing and scaling your business with less ‘doing’ than you can imagine
  • And that support your creativity in soaring, because their interdependency gives you back the normally tapped our energy, brainspace and creativity – making creating a joy again…not another box to check on a to-do list.


Ecosystems are designed to thrive; to be vital, full of life.

And inside your business—the business fuelled by your heart and soul—systems become the fuel for that experience, and the connective tissue between every element of your business AND your ability to experience life and business with the ease, peace and spaciousness you crave.

Going roots-deep with the ecosystem approach, you get clear about where you are in your business, and start building from the ground up.

You get to let go of any need for what you build to ‘look right’ because it’s customized, and completely you, serving your specific goals and your specific path forward.

With the insight of what IS working, you won’t have to dedicate extra energy or resources into what’s already solid.

With these kind of systems, it’s easier to add on and change the business without it being a huge hassle – that’s what systems are for.

The systems that YOU want; that put you at the helm of the ship and don’t force you into someone else’s business model.

Who the heck am I to be planting these seeds of business ecosystem-awesomeness?

I’m Justine Pattantyus (and it’s sure nice to meet you); an expert in process and productivity.

When I’m not taking in those nose-over-the-mug deep inhales of my fave teas, exploring the world or gathering some flipped perspectives in yoga, I geek out at guiding mission-driven business owners to grow profitably through setting up connected technology, smooth operating systems, and processes that allow for simplification and the ability to scale.

And the best part of that magic is supporting clients as they live their lifestyle of choice anywhere in the world. Digital nomad? I’ve got you. Brick and mortar or corporate office crew? Don’t worry…I’ve got you too.

I’ve spent 14 years working with non-profits, small business owners, and startups that went public, even supporting 8-figure businesses in equipping their individual teams with better functioning systems and workflow proficiency to improve overall productivity.

Got a zone of genius? I’m the gal to help you live and create from that place. Not sure what yours is just yet? I’m the trusted pal who’s going to help you distill it…and lead the business you want from that place.

Being in relationship with Justine in this business and Systems with Soul offer has been totally grounding for me. Justine’s ability to hold space and be incredibly encouraging and insightful has been a huge motivator. What I’ve actually accomplished has felt epic in terms of launching Sacred Unplanning. Before I started in Systems with Soul, it was the seed of an idea. Now I have this five module course that I want to run over and over again. Oh my goodness. It feels amazing. It’s crazy pants.

Leah Cherry Kent

Creator, Sacred Unplanning, Tarot Reader and Usui Reiki Master

The big difference to me of what Systems with Souls offers is this isn’t just about fixing that One Singular Pain Point. It’s about figuring out the root cause and what is actually getting in the way.

At 4 months in, I feel so much more on top of stuff. I know what my priorities are in my business. I go into each day much clearer about my objectives and I don’t get distracted or carried away by what is urgent. I have a much better overview on what’s important for me to be doing and what to put my focus on.

Amy Young

Coach, YouTuber, Blogger, Creative Extraordinaire


Systems with Soul includes
lifetime access to

  • Kickoff the work with a 1:1 Systems Assessment to identify and plan your systems up-grading priorities
  • 9 modules of content to simplify and systematize your business
  • Group Q&A calls every other week
  • Access to quarterly planning workshops
  • Access to quarterly systems assessment workshops
  • Tap into weekly productive group working sessions with our virtual Study Hall
  • Be paired with an accountability buddy for the duration of the live session (optional)
  • Have the option to upgrade and receive 3 60-minute Systems Sessions with Justine


Here are the 9 modules we’ll walk through to transform the systems in your business:

  • Module One: Set yourself as the anchor in the business – This module is all about YOU, who you are, how you work and getting clear on this so that all other systems are built accordingly.
  • Module Two: Design personal organization and planning – Assess your capacity and how much time you can spend on different areas of your business, how to design your week for maximum benefit and how you get yourself organized (think files, your calendar and supporting your personal operations).
  • Module Three: Build your business foundations – This is all about the pieces that create the base for your business: legal, tax, business entity, insurance and backups. This is key because all of these parts make up the energetic container for your work.
  • Module Four: Have a system for financial management – This module is about bringing full awareness and full responsibility to the finances of your company.
  • Module Five: Set up marketing procedures – This is where you set up the systems to get the word out, educate your market and build relationships. We cover how to set up systems that support your work without overcomplicating it.
  • Module Six: Construct a framework for sales – Let’s get paid! We look at key tracking and workflow elements in a solid sales system and the technology that powers it.
  • Module Seven: Create a consistent path to delivery – This is how your clients access what you have to offer. We cover what it takes to have a streamlined delivery system.
  • Module Eight: Foster a strong team environment – Ultimate growth and impact happen through the support of a team. We cover hiring, planning, communications, and management.
  • Module Nine: Measure and learn from metrics – We explore how you set up your key performance indicators and track them without getting overwhelmed while getting the information that you need to make smart decisions.


Refund Policy: We keep this simple. If for any reason you need a refund, email us within 14 days of your purchase and request one.

Ready to put some soul in your systems?
(or vice versa)

come join us!

Pay in Full (course + live calls + 3 1:1 sessions)

$1000 USD

Payment Plan (course + live calls + 3 1:1 sessions)

3 monthly payments $350

Pay in Full (course + live calls)

$500 USD

Payment Plan (course + live calls)

2 monthly payments $260

Amy Young

Coach, YouTuber, Blogger, Creative Extraordinaire

“A magical Disneyland of systems. It’s so great!”

“Before Systems with Soul, I was hanging out in what I call “overwhelm city.” Things were going really well in that my business was working, sustaining, and supporting me and my mission and I was making a difference but I felt I didn’t have enough hours in the day and it felt like I was always scrambling. I wanted to make my business greater without feeling stressed and resentful towards my work. I wasn’t sure why it wasn’t working. I had to face the reality that me trying to fix this on my own was going to be really painful and limiting because it’s not my strength or Zone of Genius.

In the past with coaching and business mentors, they would always help me with whatever my biggest pain point in the moment was… what’s bleeding this week. What happened was that I got Band-Aid solution for those problems without solving the deeper issue.

The big difference to me of what Systems with Souls offers is this isn’t just about fixing that One Singular Pain Point. It’s about figuring out the root cause and what is actually getting in the way.

I found a lot of honesty, transparency, and judgement-free support and ideas and acceptance for   where everybody is at their own level and that was a really cool thing. Everyone was kind and kept it real. There wasn’t any business owner shame of “you should really be more on top of this.” Justine has this approach like, “let’s look at where you are and then wherever you are it’s fine, we’ll start there and you can always improve it.”

At 4 months in, I feel so much more on top of stuff. I know what my priorities are in my business. I go into each day much clearer about my objectives and I don’t get distracted or carried away by what is urgent. I have a much better overview on what’s important for me to be doing and what to put my focus on.

One huge difference is that I take weekends. My time management system is so much better and my project management system is so much better, I can safely turn off my computer and say, “okay it’s my weekend.” That was something that I never felt and even if I did it I didn’t it feel comfortable comfortable doing because of loose ends.

Seriously, when I started I didn’t realize how much stuff I was attempting to keep track of in my brain. No wonder I was overwhelmed. My brain was my only system for organization or staying on top of stuff. Absurd! I can step away and I’m not going to lose momentum.  Now I have freed up so much time and brain space.

Systems with Soul is awesome and I think Justine is awesome and I honestly think any business owner will get tremendous value and find solutions and tools that will work for them.”


An important question to ask yourself is: “Am I prepared to put a few hours a week over 3-6 months that will impact my business for the next 5-10 years?”

This is not an overnight solution. This is a long-term play, to experiment, find what really works and make it part of your business so it will serve you day in and day out.

Doing this work will help your business create an impact for the next decade. Systems are powerful things that enable your work and your impact to grow and thrive.

If you’re committed to building long-term business success that delivers exceptional results for your clients and allows you to live well without burning out, Systems with Soul is for you.

What if I'm really crunched for time?

The biggest question I hear from people who are curious about the Systems with Soul experience is “am I going to have time to do this? Seriously, time is the ONE thing that I don’t have the luxury to afford right now.”
So you know how you can invest money and get more money? Well, you can also invest time and get more time. I mean, let’s be real, you’re not actually making more time (hey, we’re not all Doctor Strange), but what you are doing is making strategic choices about how time in your business is invested and use that to make certain processes take less time, or be able to be handed off to a team member. This creates the effect of freeing up your time to work on different aspects of your business.
Anyway, all theory aside, let’s talk specifics. The live portion of the course includes 90-minute Q&A calls every other week and productive group working sessions where the point is to get work done ON your business. Each module is generally no more than 30-40 minutes of video materials since the emphasis is on quickly getting you the tools you need to implement what’s needed to improve your systems.
You can expect to invest 3-4 hours a week into systems upgrading to make a difference in your business. You can always do more, but 3 hours is the minimum recommendation.

What if I'm unsure of where to start? All of my systems need help!

A BIG challenge with systems work is that there are so many pathways that can be chosen, so many directions that all feel important, the question becomes, where do I start?
Something that I’m really excited about with Systems with Soul is that I get on the phone 1:1 with EVERY person who joins after they go through a Systems Assessment and share where their business is at and what their biggest goals are. Then, I take my systems lens and build a customized work plan. We co-create the pathway that is most aligned and identify the steps to walk that path.

Are you going to give me ready-made systems that I can simply install in my business?

Nope. The point of this work is to give you frameworks for you to find your best way of working. I’ve found that “out of the box” systems don’t get the job done. They often force you to work in a way that is outside of your strengths and it becomes clear that the system cannot be sustained and then you have to start the work over of finding what works for you.

I already feel overwhelmed. Will I ever get over this hump?

Yes! I know it might seem like you’ll be stuck in this state of churning forever, but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Our brains are only meant to process so much and hold so many details. After a certain point, they get into a state of overwhelm because there is simply too much in there. Once you get into a place of focus, there is a lot of extra stuff that you brain lets go because it trusts that you’ve got things handled. This is part of the magic of systems – the ability to focus, slow down and figure out what is truly most important right now. This work gives you the space you need to find your best approach and use it as a springboard for your growth.

What if I want extra support?

If you get into the course and realize you want some 1:1 guidance and support beyond our Kickoff Assessment call, I offer sessions a la carte at special rates for Systems with Soul students. We can do an in-depth planning session, work on productivity hacks so you can do ALL the things, talk about strategies for handing off work, or whatever else is on your mind. I offer monthly coaching packages, too. You’ll get access to all of this in the course.

How does this work? When does it start?

The spring 2018 session of Systems with Soul starts May 31 with an orientation (it’s optional to attend live and it’s recorded). Q&A calls start June 4 and happen every other Monday and there are live productive work sessions weekly for 90 minutes. The live portion of the class runs through September 21. You have lifetime access to the materials and you have the option to join live sessions in the future as well (they run 2x/year in the spring and the fall).
The course is primarily self-led. The point of the 1:1 kickoff call is to discuss where you are in your business and recommend a curriculum for the 4 months of live program time so you don’t have to figure that all out yourself.

As soon as you sign up, you get access to the Systems Assessment and all course materials and modules. You’ll complete the Systems Assessment first and schedule a call with me so we can build your curriculum. You’ll download the call calendar and we have an intro call the first week and kick off the Q&A calls the week after. If you ever have questions or get stuck, email me. I’m here to help! This isn’t one of those, suffer-on-your-own with no one to turn to type courses where the instructor is absent. I believe in you having a powerful experience and getting the tools you need to create the outcomes you desire.

What if I sign up and realize I'm not a fit?

Complicated guarantees or “proving you’ve done the work” before you can get a refund is silly to me. Can we just be humans here? I trust your knowing of yourself. If you’ve spent two weeks in the course and find that it’s not going to be a fit for the way you work, let me know and I’ll refund you.

You’re a great fit for Systems with Soul if:

You’re established in your work and what you offer. You are self motivated, can find what you need, and implement it without needing to be told what to do. You’ve found that multistep processes and specific blueprints don’t really work for you because they make you feel like you’re stuck in a box. You like to experiment and try things on for size to find what works best for you.

You’re not the best fit if:

You’re just in the beginning stages of your business, don’t know what you’re offering, don’t have a clear vision, or don’t really know what your business looks like. If systems are not a priority for you right now or you aren’t ready to look under the hood and see why things aren’t working, this isn’t going to be a good investment of your time or resources.

I’m going to make a bold statement:

that you already know the biggest difference between a stagnated and high potential burnout inducing business and a thriving and vital biz that’s full of ease all comes down to creating unique systems within your business that operate like ecosystems.

And that Systems With Soul is the access point to empowering you in the process of creating the ease, flow and alignment that a high functioning ecosystem-centric business generates.

If you’re ready to prevent biz fires rather than putting them out…

If you’re ready to be done spinning your wheels…

If you want to make sure the systems are solid before you layer on more stuff…

And if you’re ready to have fun in the process,

This is the place, the community and the time to get your ecosystem running so it’s a source of endless energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, and income.

So, what are people saying about Systems With Soul?


eCommerce Store Owner

“Ever since you taught me about systems and processes, I keep thinking about it more and more. Now that I’m in it and I’m starting to do it, even before I go start anything, I’m thinking about the system and how to simplify and make it easier. It’s almost like this automatic thing now with everything I do.

For a business? It’s necessary.

I think it’s difficult because now I see a lot of holes and gaps and I’m like “Man, you know, if I’d started, if I’d have done this from the beginning. I would feel more ahead because I have all of these things.” At this point, I’m now in the space of overhauling the way I get things done so I can be more efficient and hand off more and more to my team. It might be a pain now, but in the long term, it’s extremely beneficial for time and profit.

I’ll be able to scale more by having the business more organized and I’ll have more time to invest in myself, my personal time, and into other businesses. I am buying the time by having the business streamlined and efficient. The more time I have and the more efficient I am with my time, the more money I’m going to make.”

Leah Cherry Kent

Creator, Sacred Unplanning, Tarot Reader and Usui Reiki Master

“I really can’t believe what I’ve accomplished with what has felt like minimal effort!”

“Coming to the end of 2017, I felt like “I’ve made a lot of progress, but I can’t have 2018 be just another 2017. Something has to be different so that means I’d better do something different.” I knew I needed 1:1 calls with Justine because I knew it was going to make an energetic shift.

Being in relationship with Justine in this business and Systems with Soul offer has been totally grounding for me. Justine’s ability to hold space and be incredibly encouraging and insightful has been a huge motivator. What I’ve actually accomplished has felt epic in terms of launching Sacred Unplanning. Before I started in Systems with Soul, it was the seed of an idea. Now I have this five module course that I want to run over and over again. Oh my goodness. It feels amazing. It’s crazy pants. And even more than that, I’m also starting to see where I could do add ons or customized support.

The things that Justine and I set out months ago are spot on. A lot of times I’ll go through things and I’ll have these ideas and then, two months later I feel like they don’t fit or I’m bored or whatever. This has been the opposite. The things that she and I articulated together in that 1:1 container have been so resonant and now I’m truly building the foundation that I intended to build for my business.

Something that Justine specifically told me and has really stuck with me was this idea of being a scientist and an observer of my own work to help me improve. It was kind of slipped in there and yet has made such a difference in thinking about how to deliver the content of my offers.

This idea of systematizing everything is an essential piece of it. I can’t even tell you how different it feels. This is how it’s supposed to feel. Holy smokes. It’s the difference between throwing spaghetti at the wall and having a vision and knowing where I’m going. It’s truly an energetic shift in how I’m showing up in the business. It’s mind boggling. Before, I was on what I would call “the burnout path” of continuing to charge low prices, over-delivering and undercharging. I was in this mindset that it’s never going to be enough and that I have to give it all away.

I’ve learned to do the work, slow and steady and that slow and small changes can make a big difference. Focusing your energy makes a huge positive impact. A huge takeaway for me has been focusing my energy on Sacred Unplanning. I feel freedom. Like, oh my gosh. When you’re not trying to keep 10 plates spinning, it is easier. Shocking. Holy moly, who knew?”


come join us!

Pay in Full (course + live calls + 3 1:1 sessions)

$1000 USD

Payment Plan (course + live calls + 3 1:1 sessions)

3 monthly payments $350

Pay in Full (course + live calls)

$500 USD

Payment Plan (course + live calls)

2 monthly payments $260

Refund Policy: We keep this simple. If for any reason you need a refund, email us within 14 days of your purchase and request one.


A lot of people helped me reach the point and I want to honor my lineage and all the investments that others have made in me and made possible what I have created. To Victoria Tane, if you hadn’t seen me the way you did and hired me on the spot when I was 17 and taught me that business is here to serve the way we work, I may have never ended up here. To all my teachers along the journey – a lot of the deepest work I have done was facilitated by Sweigh Spilkin and Katie Asmus. I wouldn’t be here, deeply in my joy without their work. To Joanna Macy, who influenced my work and held a space of deep transformation in 2009, helping me to see that processing and being in my grief is necessary for me to be in action. To Lauren Chase Rowell and Steve Whitman, who taught me about permaculture and helped plant the seeds of inspiration in 2010 that grew into this work. For Dr. B and the rest of the management faculty at Simmons College – you inspired me to find my voice, travel and dedicate myself to servant leadership and service learning. Thank you.

Especially for Nisha Moodley who has been a beacon of authentic leadership and who created the container that my new work arose from. Thank you to all my sisters on the 2017 Freedom Mastermind journey – you helped me birth this. Especially Azalea Moen who helped me find my fire again and for all her beautiful design work on my site and brand, Susan Santoro for inspiring the new container, Stella St. Rose and Yadi Albarran for steadfastly being there every time I thought life was coming apart at the seams (yay Rebel Unicorns!), Cat Panetta, Michelle Powell, Allie Dryja, Kathryn Hocking, Kristen Zavo, Julie Hagen Lowe, Corinne Dove, Lindsay Annana Mae Wilson, and Dawna Matthews.

To all my clients (big shoutout to Gib Hedstrom and Andy Pattantyus) and especially the Maiden Voyage crew of Systems With Soul – thanks for believing and helping me bring this to life – Stephen, Amy, Jen, Azalea, Stella, Chuck, Alison, Nicole and Leah.

For those who directly worked on the launch, my amazing copywriter Jess Robson and to Gabriel Stein for his team’s dev support. Big thanks to my friends at Ultraworking, especially Sebastian Marshall for the inspiration to take this work to the next level.

For all my family and friends who have had my back through all of this – thank you. You know who you are.

Ben, your steadfastness, love, having my back and believing in me has made all the difference in my journey. I am ever grateful.