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As you probably know, I’ve been living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the past 6 months.

Aside from the sweltering heat of June, July, August… and ok, the beginning of September, too, it’s absolutely gorgeous here.

the beach at playa del carmen

Every once in awhile, I take 7-10 days away to step back and look at what I’m doing and the direction I’m heading in.

I did that at the beginning of October and spent a week on retreat in Tulum Mexico.

Anyway, I used this time away from the normal day-to-day to sit and reflect on my direction, dream of what’s next and where I see myself heading in the near and distant future.

Justine in Tulum

All of this brings me to . . .


My Dilemma

Just before the retreat, I completed a deeply detailed vision and outline for a product that came to me in a vision 8 weeks ago. But I stopped developing it and stepped completely away from the creation process.

I did this because, while this might come off as nonchalant, I have uber high standards about user experience and the outcomes people get when they work with me. And I aim for nothing short of excellence when it comes to my paid offerings (although my friends know I’m pretty laid back when it comes to certain other things).

So I stopped developing the product because I knew that, even after I’ve finished the content, the site and user experience just isn’t as dialed in as I want it to be for the big public launch I was planning. (That launch is being placed on hold for a bit).

Anyway, when my new thing (i.e. “Systems with Soul”) launches, I want to make absolutely sure that the forums are already populated with good content, that the member’s site works flawlessly, that the server won’t crumble under user load, and that the user experience mirrors exactly what I envision it to be.

I want to make sure that it’s completely dialed in from every possible angle.


How You Can Benefit From This

So here’s what I’m thinking about doing . . . and I’d like your feedback.

I’m considering offering an initial limited group of 15 people access to Systems with Soul for 50% off the eventual public price.

Here’s the tradeoff:

I want you to use the group forums, give me feedback on the content, let me know if anything is broken, complete 2 or 3 surveys, and essentially be all-in on participating . . .

. . . and in exchange for this, you get 50% off the final base price..

Oh, I’ll also throw in a bunch of bonuses (think lots of yummy 1:1 support) and it’ll actually end up being more than 50% since I’ll be working with this group closely and offer them goodies which will only be available at higher priced tiers in the future (double bonus!). These alone will be worth the price of admission.


Is This Something You’re POTENTIALLY Interested In?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (heck, I haven’t even told you what  Systems with Soul IS or what the price will be) . . .

. . . but if you’re *potentially* interested in becoming a founding member of Systems With Soul, then drop me a line at justine [at] justinesparks [dot] com (or just hit reply to the email I sent you).

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.

Stay tuned,